Nov 3, 2020 • 51M

11: Further Aspects of Having & Being III - Joy vs Pleasure, Sin & Forgiveness

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The Rethinking Humanity Podcast dives into social philosopher Eric Fromm’s writings on society and culture from the 1950s and reveals their relevance to the current day. It connects modern writers and thinkers ideas to those of Fromm.
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In our final episode profiling Further Aspects of Having and Being, we have probably our most emotional discussion yet, as we share about joy, pleasure in our own lives, what they mean in the eyes of Fromm, and how they each relate to the having & being modes of approach to life.  Additionally, we see sin & forgiveness defined through the lens of authoritarian structure of the having mode as well as the being mode. Sin described in the being mode will blow your mind, as well as the simple solution to overcome it.  We also touch on the spiking cases of COVID-19 now that the cooler weather has arrived, as well as the upcoming U.S. Presidential Election. Ever heard of Dia de Los Muertos? We talk briefly about it as well before we get into the meat of the philosophical Frommian discussion. :)  Some ideas from the content that we share: 1. Pleasure and joy are commonly confused as the same thing, however, they are two different experiences.  2. Pleasure is the satisfaction of a desire that does not require activity  (in the sense of aliveness) to be satisfied. 3. Aliveness is conducive to joy, and could be defined as when one is genuinely, openly, fearlessly relating to others and themselves. (Lacey's definition) 4. Pleasures of contemporary society produce different degrees of excitements. But they are not conducive to joy. 5. The lack of joy makes it necessary to seek new, ever more exciting pleasures, over and over again. 6. Joy is the concomitant of productive activity. It is not a peak experience, that culminates and then ends suddenly, but rather a plateau, a feeling state that accompanies the productive expression of one's essential human faculties. Joy is not the ecstatic fire of the moment, but the glow that accompanies being. 7. Sin & forgiveness in the having mode is as a result of an authoritarian structure, requiring obedience to an outside entity. This leads to a vicious cycle of disobedience, feeling of guilt, punishment,  and then forgiveness. Eternally repeating itself. 8. Sin in the being mode is the separation, estrangement of two human beings who, in selfishness, cannot/do not overcome their separation in the act of loving union.  Content taken from Erich Fromm's book To Have or To Be, Chapter 6.  Episode Credits: Technical Producer - Victor Ho ( Host & Producer - Sonya Larrea ( Host & E. Producer - Lacey Delayne ( Instagram: @rethinkinghumanity Twitter: @rthnkghumanity  --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: