Dec 24, 2020 • 46M

12: How We Overcome Our Societal Ill-Being: A Shift in Individual Values

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The Rethinking Humanity Podcast dives into social philosopher Eric Fromm’s writings on society and culture from the 1950s and reveals their relevance to the current day. It connects modern writers and thinkers ideas to those of Fromm.
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In 12, we discuss what's kept us from making a new episode for a while now (hint-hint: it has to do with the political universe ascending on GA recently ;) ), some enlightening information we've learned from newly discovered thinker Dr. Gabor Mate, as well as how Fromm discusses ways we can shift as a society from operating primarily out of the having mode of existence to operating out of the being mode of existence. The key, he says, is an shift in individual values. His recipe for change mirrors the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism, and says change is possible if the following conditions exist  1. We are suffering and we are aware that we are 2. We recognize the origin of our ill being. 3. We recognize that there is a way of overcoming our ill-being. 4. We accept that in order to overcome our ill-being we must follow certain norms for living and change our present practice of life. These four ideas are present in Marxian and Freudian thought, and also are reflected in the process used for psychotherapy and to improve individual's mental and emotional health. Fromm also lists values he believes we need to shift to on an individual level at the end of the chapter - a few of those are 1. Willingness to give up all forms of having (minus existential having), in order to fully be. 2. Being fully present where one is.  3. Joy that comes from giving and sharing versus the pleasure that comes from hoarding and exploiting 4. Love and respect for life in all its manifestations - life and everything that pertains to growth are sacred. 5. Reducing greed, hate and illusions. 6. Making the full growth of oneself and  one's fellow beings the supreme goal of living.  Dr. Gabor Mate Links: - How Culture Makes us Feel Lost - The Consequences of Stressed Parenting  --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: