Jan 21, 2021 • 41M

15: Building A Being-Mode Based Society - How We Get There Part 2: Sane Consumption Cont'd And A Fully Participatory Industry & Democracy

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The Rethinking Humanity Podcast dives into social philosopher Eric Fromm’s writings on society and culture from the 1950s and reveals their relevance to the current day. It connects modern writers and thinkers ideas to those of Fromm.
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As a continuation of episode 14, we finalize the discussion on the idea of Sane Consumption and dive into the means to accomplish the shift to Sane Consumption as a society - one of the ways Fromm mentions we could potentially do so is via Consumer Strikes. Consumer strikes provide an opportunity to urge industry and government to make changes without direct governmental involvement, and a large majority of the population aren't necessary for this avenue to be successful. Sonya and Lacey discuss this topic as well as another means to accomplish the Being-Mode Based Society which is a fully inclusive, fully participatory democracy and industry. Citizens welcome to participate actively in the decision making, direction and everyday role of their work and health, as well as governing decisions for their community, will enable a Being-Mode Based Society. One of the ways Fromm suggests this on the government side is via a "Lower House" which consists of hundreds of thousands of Americans who vote and share their needs and input with the US Congress, and play a vital role in law making as a result. Sonya and Lacey open chatting a bit about MLK Jr Day, Basic Income, and a cool interaction with an Atlanta based future Rethinking Humanity listener!  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LISTEN TO EPISODE 14 BEFORE YOU CAN ENJOY EPISODE 15 :) Partner Links:   Quiet Punch - https://quietpunch.com  Code at checkout for 10% off & to Support the Podcast: RETHINKINGHUMANITY  Disclosure: The above affiliate links are products I personally use and highly recommend. We won't endorse or promote any products we haven't personally used, verified, or don't fully recommend.   Rethinking Humanity Links:  Watch this episode & other special content on our YouTube Channel Rethinking Humanity: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn1uXuWC4Tiq2wMP36Ht68w  Find us on socials:  IG: @rethinkinghumanity, @laceydelayne, @larreasonya  @victorwainho  Twitter: @rthnknghumanity, @laceydelayne, @victorwainho  Credits:  Executive Producer & Co-Host: Lacey Delayne  Co-Host & Producer: Sonya Larrea  Technical Producer: Victor Ho --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/rethinkinghumanity/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/rethinkinghumanity/support