Oct 5, 2020 • 48M

9: Further Aspects of Having & Being - Security vs Insecurity, Here & Now vs Past &Future

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The Rethinking Humanity Podcast dives into social philosopher Eric Fromm’s writings on society and culture from the 1950s and reveals their relevance to the current day. It connects modern writers and thinkers ideas to those of Fromm.
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In this episode, we discuss some new developments in the podcast, some exciting news in Sonya's life, Monica Lewinsky's Vanity Fair Article and two sections of Fromm's writing further comparing the Having and Being modes, in the areas of Security/Insecurity and Here&Now/Past&Future. Some ideas we discuss:  1. The Having Mode exists only in time. The Being Mode exists only in the here and now. What would a life look like that was oriented around the value of being present in the moment? How could we build a society that values being present in the moment ? What might that look like? 2. Time is not the dimension that governs being. The experience of loving, joy, grasping truth, (I would add conversing) does not occur in time, but in the here and now. The here and now is eternity, not an indefinitely prolonged time, as is commonly believed in western society.  3. In the being mode, we respect time, but we do not submit to it (or let it control us) but this respect for time becomes submission when the having mode predominates. 4. In the mode of having, time becomes our ruler. In the being mode time is dethroned; it is no longer the idol that rules our lives. 5. Not to move forward, to stay where we are, to regress, to rely on what we have, is very tempting because we feel secure in it. Yet in spite of this security, people admire those with a vision of the new, who break a new path, and have the courage to move forward. 6. If I am what I have, and what I have is lost, then who am I? 7. If I am who I am and now what I have, nobody can deprive me of or threaten my security and my sense of identity. Love the pod? Feel free to show us here -> BuyMeACoffee.com/VictorHo  BuyMeACoffee.com/SonyaLarrea BuyMeACoffee.com/LaceyDelayne Monica Lewinsky's Vanity Fair Article - The Forgotten F Word: https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2020/09/monica-lewinsky-on-covid-mental-health-czar  Instagram: @RethinkingHumanity -> Newly created! Follow us for updates from Sonya's adventure and other info about the pod!  This episode also available on TheTrickleup.com  Episode Credits: Content - Lacey Delayne & Sonya Larrea, Erich Fromm's To Have or To Be Technical Production - Victor Ho Intro & Outro Readings - Richard Berry (@designtheoryatl), Text from Chapter 6 of To Have or To Be by Erich Fromm  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/rethinkinghumanity/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/rethinkinghumanity/support