Mar 16, 2021 • 20M

BONUS: Word on the Street - Self Love & Self Care and Universal Basic Income

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The Rethinking Humanity Podcast dives into social philosopher Eric Fromm’s writings on society and culture from the 1950s and reveals their relevance to the current day. It connects modern writers and thinkers ideas to those of Fromm.
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In this bit of bonus content, we get out on the streets (or... the beltline) of Atlanta to find out what people think about some of the themes we've been discussing on the podcast. We share the conversations we had with The Jacksons, Keenan (IG: @Keenanismagic), Ramz (IG: @mideast.18), Nour (IG: @nourbeezy), and Moni (IG: @ monisofetch) about self love and self care, and what an extra influx of cash each month might mean for them. A special thanks to each of them for their time and for sharing their thoughts with us.  If you want to see photos of the time we spent on the beltline speaking with these lovely folks on Saturday, visit our instagram page @rethinkinghumanity Also, special thanks to Troy Lynch of @decide.brand (IG) for getting out there with us. Episode Credits - Executive Producer: Lacey Delayne - Technical Production: Lacey Delayne/Victor Ho  --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: