Who Are We?

We’re two thinkers who met in a philosophy meetup group, became friends, and decided to start a podcast.

We connected because of similar values. We both loved reading books that explored living purposefully. Our friendship grew as our conversations centered on how to improve the quality of life in our society.

A close friend urged one of us to start a podcast, and said if we did, he’d do all the technical stuff. Two and a half years later, here we are.

We believe that the modern world values things, dead, inanimate things, at the expense of the living. And as this preference for the non-living becomes more poignant, we, the living, suffer.

We take our listeners on a journey into the awareness of our current societal values. We discuss ways we can rethink the way we do life in order to prioritize the living. We discuss writers and thinkers who have said the same things. We interview those who can attest to it all.

Lacey Delayne is an advocate for humanistic values and rethinking the way we do life. She wants to see a society that better accommodates our human needs.

Sonya Larrea is an avid reader and seeker of good conversation. She is passionate about incremental changes that move the world to a better place.

Read more details about who we are here.

Why subscribe?

We want to show you that you, and all of us, can live life more fully alive. We want to aid our listeners in seeing the ways our society is making it difficult to choose something other than drudging through life on autopilot. We want to show you how we have come to a place of disengagement with so many of our innate human qualities, because the machine has become the most important thing. We want to share ways we can rethink the way we are doing life as a society, so we can live a healthier, more fulfilled life.

Free or paid?

Free subscribers receive email notifications when we post episodes, write content, or release bonus episodes. All subscribers have access to our episodes, can comment on our content and interact with others in the Rethinking Humanity Substack community.

Paid subscribers get access to bonus content, including bonus episodes which come between each regular episode. In these we share a little more personally about our lives, and make connections to the material we discuss on the podcast.

Additionally, paid subscribers will get other fun bonus content along the way. Lacey has begun painting and will share her artwork with paid subscribers. More bonus content is in development, and will be announced in the coming weeks!

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Modern culture values the dead. And it's making us sick.


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