Sitemap - 2021 - Rethinking Humanity

42: Is Life Worth Living?

41: Alienation, Bureaucracy & Consumption

40: False Choices-The Use of Man by Man (19th Century Capitalism Part 2)

39: 19th Century Capitalism, Part 1: Competition & Profit Take Precedence

38: How Does Capitalism Affect Our Way of Life?

37: What is Maturity? And Who Was Erich Fromm?

36: Society & Mental Health: Does One Impact the Other?

35: What Gives Meaning to Your Existence? The Need for a Frame of Orientation & Object of Devotion

34: The Challenges of American Motherhood: Freud, Fromm & The Oedipus Complex

33: Our Need for Identity

32: The Need for Rootedness: Incest or Brotherliness?

Melissa Bernstein: The Power of Knowing Yourself

31: New Logo & Website Reveal! And Two Afghanistan War Stories

30: Create or Destroy? How We Fulfill the Need to Transcend

29: Narcissim and the Need to Relate

28: Working Ourselves to Death (Literally), The Post Pandemic "Labor Shortage" & The Human Situation

Tom Krumins: Sexual Trauma & Masculinity Navigating Boy Scouts of America's Sexual Abuse Bankruptcy

27: What is the "Problem" of Human Existence? And What Does it Really Mean to Be Born?

26: Can a Society Be Sick?

25: What do Pro Soccer and End of Life Care Have in Common?

24: Are We Sane?

BONUS: Season 2 Begins & Other BIG News!

23: Building a Being Mode Based Society, Part 7: Is it REALLY Possible?

Sherry Turkle: The Podcast's One Year Anniversary Episode!

22: Building a Being Mode Based Society, Part 6: Ending Misinformation (Fake News & More) Nuclear Disarmament, Humanistic Application of Scientific Research

21: Building a Being Mode Based Society, Part 5: Ending the Patriarchy - Liberating Women from Patriarchal Domination

BONUS: Word on the Street - Self Love & Self Care and Universal Basic Income

Amelia Pang: The Hidden Cost of our Consumption

20: Building A Being Mode Based Society, Part 4: Ending Brainwashing, Giving a Guaranteed Yearly Income & Closing the Poverty Gap

19: LOVE THEMED FEBRUARY: Self Love & Self Care - It's not Selfish and its SUPER Important

18: LOVE THEMED FEBRUARY- Do We Have a Shared Definition of Love? And other themes from Bell Hooks' Book All About Love

Travel Chronicles 3: The Unexpected Return from Guatemala, Things Brought Back to the US

Dr. Logan Levkoff: Uplifting Sex in Society

Vivica Volt: A Different Approach to Relationships

Bonus: Love, Self Love & Love's Role in the Brand with Troy Lynch of the Decide Brand

Travel Chronicles 2: Guatemala: The Passport Miracle, Cheap Food in The Open Air Markets, and the Dark Side of Guatemala

17: LOVE THEMED FEBRUARY: What is Love? Is Love an Art? And Six Different Types of Love

Travel Chronicles 1: Traveling to Guatemala

16: Building a Being Mode Based Society, Part 3: Decentralization & Ending Bureaucracy

Andrew Philip, PhD: Integrated Care

15: Building A Being-Mode Based Society - How We Get There Part 2: Sane Consumption Cont'd And A Fully Participatory Industry & Democracy

14: Building A Being-Mode Based Society - How We Get There Part 1: Sane Consumption

Dr. Kerry Malawista: The Coming 'Category 5' Mental Health Storm

13: New Years Episode! :) - Reflecting on 2020 - Looking ahead to 2021. And, What is life all about? Some of Fromm's Top Quotes & What We Think About Them